The Station Foundation for Entrepreneurship is one of Iraq’s lead co-working spaces, and Baghdad’s first co-working space.

First established in 2018, as an independent, non-governmental, and non-profit organization, it became the cornerstone for Iraqi youth with fresh and inventive ideas to set a first foot into the business world and entrepreneurial projects. We have since attracted nationwide demand for our services and have recently expanded to Mosul in Northern Iraq. The experience at The Station goes beyond merely a physical space; we build communities, drive acceleration, and inspire a culture of collaboration. Download our Profile

Our Mission

Enhancing the involvement and participation of youth in the development of the Entrepreneurship ecosystem by empowering local initiatives through business support services, capacity building training and networking.

Our Vision

To build an ecosystem comprised of aspiring entrepreneurs and artists, thriving to make a life, not just a living. We envision a future driven by generation of innovators, risk takers and leaders.


Our values are reflected in
everything that we do at The Station


We all need support sometimes, and here at The Station we share our experiences, opportunities and skills. We steer our team towards productive entrepreneurship.


We take risks, and encourage tough decisions that can push us ahead and further towards our goals, one step at a time.


We believe in a well-connected and diverse organization where people support each other, share experiences and build their vision together.


We move with the needs of the community, ensuring that we stay relevant, and ensure a positive impact and focus on solutions.

Strategic Objectives

Empowering start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Encouraging Iraqi youth to effectively engage in the private sector.

Influencing private sector reform by supporting Iraq’s ecosystem.

Promoting Iraqi culture and heritage to a wider audience.


The Station in Baghdad is the main branch of the Organization, as there is now another branch for it in Mosul. All branches of the Station share the same goals, vision and values.


It’s our first and main branch, through which we provide low-cost resources and an inspiring co-working space for start-ups and small businesses. The Station became the capital of Iraq's ecosystem, growing out of Baghdad, hosting many of the country’s entrepreneurial actors and activities. Since 2018, we have acquired over a $1,000,000 in funding, implemented 5 programs and have hosted a myriad of events on a national level.


Our second branch was established in the city of Mosul as part of “YANHAD” project, funded by the European Union and the French Foreign Ministry, and implemented by The Station and Expertise France.

We have renovated the physical space to fit our brand and design as well as launching new initiatives such as our first ever environmental sustainability project. Due to Mosul’s high agricultural potential, The Station in Mosul will focus heavily on promoting businesses that offer innovative solutions to tackle some of the city’s biggest environmental problems, such as the distribution of quality water and food.