The AlHandal International Group contributed massively to help convert the idea of The Station into reality, as the group provided the area and resources necessary to transform the idea into a place that embraces entrepreneurs and startups in Baghdad. The Station considers the AlHandal Group as the strategic partner in which we share the same vision and ambition to build an effective entrepreneurial community, and to make a generation of productive young people capable of development and creativity.

From the first day of the station’s establishment, Earthlink was the technical partner and has provided free high-speed internet services to all Station visitors and employees, and it continues to do so to this day.

Ashur International Bank provides adequate support to all entrepreneurs and the start-ups in Iraq by giving them loans and other banking services. Ashur International Bank is our main and strategic partner in this field.

Every co-working space in the world needs a maker space to develop itself and create new technology or develop existing ones. GIZ was and still is the best choice for The Station because we know that the German people have extensive experience in entrepreneurship that can help us tackle problems that we also face in Iraq. GIZ provided The Station with the following: CNC machine, 3D printers, laser cutting machine, amongst other things. This now forms our German Maker space.

When you visit the Station or reserve a meeting room, you will find two big rooms for business meetings or our training rooms A and B. Training Room is affectionately called the ‘Dutch Corner.’ Everyone who wants to book the Dutch Corner will get a discount on this room rent. This idea came about to support the youth and start-ups so that they can do workshops or business meetings at The Station.

Since the first day of the station, Ibtikar has offered its services to be the I.T Support team in the station for free without any benefit. Ibtikar is responsible for fixing technical issues and making regular checks on the internal network at the station.

At The Station we aren’t allowed to use cash in payment procedures. Our partner, Gulf Gate, helped us to create a financial payment system through cards. Our halls, spaces and parking facilities are accessible through membership. They are responsible for maintaining the systems at The Station.

Ishtar Security Company is one of our partners. They protect The Station through their professional Ishtar team and perform high quality services especially during big events or visits from the international community to The Station. They bear the responsibility to protect all people perfectly.

The concept of Entrepreneurship in Iraq is new and its difficult to find major funding opportunities. In 2018, before the Stations launch, IPBL provided essential funding for this project, believing in its idea and continues to support it to this moment in every step of our journey.

At the Station, we believe in our Startups, so weve chose HR Gate to handle the HR process, policies and procedures at the Station. HR Gate is one of the best human resources companies that supplies HR & business solutions to clients across Iraq.