Where tech entrepreneurs and artists can come together in the first shared space for creative development in Baghdad.

Entrepreneurship in IRAQ

Although aspiring entrepreneurs in Iraq are extremely talented and share a deep enthusiasm for their work, as well as empowering the economy, they lack sufficient resources. In fact, they unfortunately lack the most basic of resources needed for any startup. Even though entrepreneurs in Iraq face a number of challenges, their main obstacle remains to be a scarcity in resources, and a lack of support from the wider community. Therefore, it is unsurprising to note that most startups in Iraq fail within 30 days after they have been launched.

How can we help?

There have been several attempts in the past to improve and empower Iraq’s ecosystem, as is evident by the vast number of annual events and workshops. Indeed, these events and workshops are aimed at assisting aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, however, as great as these attempts are, they have proven to be inadequate at helping individual companies reach a wide audience. We are delving into a new adventure with Iraq’s entrepreneurs: building startups together. This adventure is called The Station.


The Station offers a physical area where tech entrepreneurs and artists can come together in the first shared space for creative development in Baghdad. We aim to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in Iraq with the planning and launching of their personal projects by providing them with the resources, the space, as well as the vital support necessary to enable entrepreneurial ventures to take hold and succeed without impediment. Although The Station is a tool that exists within a physical space, it is also a symbolic gesture that represents the most vital stage of any startup – the initial stage.

The Concept

Build. Fun. Adapt. Combined together, these words form the very foundation of The Station’s concept. They logically compliment our concept in a functional and harmonious manner, similarly to the TETRIS model.

TETRIS is the answer.


Throughout the development of your startup, trial and error will prove to be a continuous process. This process will help build your confidence as you acquire new skills.


Developing your startup should be an enjoyable experience. A creative and relaxing environment facilitates inspiration and excitement for what is to come.


With any startup, change is an inevitable part of the process. However, what is imperative, is that you build a business that is capable of adapting to these changes.

The Station

The Station is Iraq's first co-working space. The Station has been established to offer not only the physical space that entrepreneurs in Iraq sorely need to build their businesses, but also offers a supportive community and an inclusive entrepreneurial climate.