April 2, 2021

Press Release: The Station's Partnership With Zain Iraq

April 2, 2021

Press Release: The Station's Partnership With Zain Iraq

Press Release: The Station's Partnership With Zain Iraq

31 March 2021 | Baghdad, Iraq

The Station Foundation for Entrepreneurship is announcing its strategic partnership with Iraq’s leading telecommunications company, Zain Iraq. This cooperation was brought out of a pressing need for collective cooperation amongst stakeholders; a vision both parties mutually share. Zain’s expertise across the Middle East working on youth development coupled with The Station’s great access to a wide pool of entrepreneurs will be of great benefit to the future of our ecosystem.


During the ceremony on Wednesday 31st March, high profile representatives from both institutions highlighted the need for increased partnerships, collaborations and emphasis on collective efforts across a wide array of sectors, especially in light of COVID-19 and its painful reminder that a lack of innovation can act as a glass ceiling in the face of progressive development. Such tangible change requires a diversity in efforts and that can only happen when everyone is working together.


We believe that this partnership will constitute an important achievement not only for The Station and Zain, but for any relevant stakeholders.  Interacting with actors beyond our own institution is an approach that has allowed The Station to come as far as it has. I do not doubt that this joint cooperation will drive our vision even further”, said Mr. Ammar Al-Khatib, The Station’s Executive Director, 


“We at Zain Iraq, through the #ZainYouth program, a platform dedicated to youth development, support and empower entrepreneurs. This partnership will take this vision one step further and digest both the demand and potentiality emerging out of our schools, universities and various communities”, said Mr. Mohamed Samir, Zain's Chief Commercial Officer.




About Zain Iraq

Zain Iraq is part of Zain Group, a leading telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa.

Zain Iraq’s strategy is based on understanding consumers and centralizing their needs. This is to provide subscribers with the best and most advanced services that can meet their aspirations.


About The Station Foundation for Entrepreneurship

The Station Foundation for Entrepreneurship is one of Iraq’s leading co-working spaces in Iraq and the first in Baghdad. An independent non-profit organization that aims to lead the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, specifically by empowering local enterprises and improving the reality of young people through a range of endeavors.